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>>>>    ls -la /dev/fd
>>> What am I supposed to see there?  I get three character devices, all
>>> mounted on /dev directly.
>> Uhm, have you forgotten how ls(1) works ?
>> Try this then:
>>      ls -lad /dev/fd /dev/fd/[012]
>Hmm.  Strange.  Last time I looked, I thought I had /dev/fd0, /dev/fd1
>and /dev/fd2.  But I've booted a new kernel since that attempt.

Well that must have been a very very old kernel then, at least if
you intend to insist on blaiming DEVFS.  See cvs logs.

>> History being rewritten eh ?  I spent 3+ years trying to argue his
>> DEVFS should be made default!
>They must have been before I met you, then.  My very vivid
>recollection was that I met you at USENIX in New Orleans on 19 June
>1998, and the very first thing you said was "What does Vinum do about
>DEVFS?  Don't use it, it's going away".  We (you, Justin Gibbs,
>Jonathan Bresler, and I, maybe also one other person, but not Julian,
>whom you wouldn't let participate) then found an empty room and we
>discussed the matter.  It was an interesting first impression.

A lot of people, you included, have never quite realized, or maybe
just forgotten exactly just how long time Julians DEVFS sat in our
tree while people bickered about things like "persistence" and
random panics:

        Revision 1.1 
        Thu Apr 20 03:31:31 1995 UTC (6 years, 3 months ago) by julian 

After 3 years I gave up on the hope that it would ever be fixed
well enough to become politically acceptable.

After 6 years I removed it.

A quick script run on the cvs tree paints this picture of number
of commits to src/sys/miscfs/devfs per year:

                julian          phk             other
        1995    56               3              15
        1996    20              10              43
        1997    21              13              16
        1998    15               2              24
        1999     6              15              30
        2000     0              16               8
        2001     0               1               7

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