At 5:02 PM -0500 8/27/01, Jim Bryant wrote:
>Garance A Drosihn wrote:
>>We can't just keep pushing back the release date because "some
>>very important enhancements" could be made.  It will ALWAYS be
>>true that there are more "very important enhancements" on
>>the horizon, and you can't keep running after those.  You have
>>to pick some point, and stick to that point, and "ship" at that
>>point.  As long as current is known to be in rapid flux, most
>I'm glad you support integration of KSE then...  As I recall such
>threading was in the original design specs for 5.0, as released
>when work on 5.0 began.

I'm disappointed that you completely misunderstood what I intended
to say in the above.  My point is that sometimes you have to stick
to a "ship date" because you have to stick to that date, and not
because you stick to some list of features that you'd like to see.
The longer you let ship-dates slip, the longer you end up without
a release-quality product.

I think a lot of good work has gone into the current cut at KSE
support, and I certainly hope it goes in.  However, there are a
number of other factors to consider.  The right way to get KSE in
5.0 is to help do the work which is necessary for that to happen,
and not to deliberately misquote people -- as you are pretty
clearly doing in the above.  What I explicitly said in the above
message (and which you explicitly deleted) was that KSE should
wait for a later release if the remaining work is not done.  If
you have some other opinion, that is fine, but do not reword *my*
opinion to claim that I agree completely with your opinion.

Julian did a lot of good work, all he needs is a few more
developers to help test that work.  None of us need a thread
arguing about release dates vs some goals set two years ago.

I "support" the integration of KSE in the sense that I intend to
help test it (on a dual-CPU i386) sometime in the next week.  I
do not support a delay of "5.0".  I can not test on Alpha, as I
have no Alpha machines.  Anyone who wants to prove their support
for KSE in 5.0 should step up and offer to do some of the testing,
etc.  Actions will speak louder than any (misquoted) words.

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