> > > POP and IMAP (I think) will lose all the envelope information,
> > 
> > You've been listening to Terry too long.  It's certainly not the case,
> > although I've decided to quit arguing with Terry, since it's an
> > excercise in futility.  No matter what you say, he'll either change the
> > subject or simply overwhelm you with useless/unrelated material until
> > you simply abandon any hope of trying to give out useful information.
> > See above.  fetchmail + pop works fine.  I've been  get all of my envelope
> > information, and there is no worries.
> Perhaps you aren't using it in "multidrop" mode, for virtual
> domain delivery?

That's correct.  I'm not, which is something POP was never intended on
doing.  (However, in this case, I am my own ISP, since I have a
full-time connection with my own mailserver and domain.)  I'm using
fetchmail + pop to fetch my already delivered email so that I can also
retrieve email securely when on business trips.  For single users, this
works great.

> Tell me, is your mail compliant with the non-disclosure of "Bcc:"
> recipients requirement?  If fetchmail doesn't strip the tunneling
> headers (it doesn't), then the headers disclose "Bcc:"'ed
> recipients to anyone who chooses to look.

It sure is, because it's the responsibility of the mail sending program
to handle this.  Fetchmail is a mail retrieval program, so it's only job
is to fetch the mail that is already delivered to me.

> PS: I'm surprised you didn't mention the "finger" or the "PPP
> linkup script" methods.

Finger is an abomination, and PPP linkup scripts are really only useful
for certain kinds of accounts.  When I'm away on business, why dialin
when I have a perfectly good internet connection that doesn't use PPP?


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