> All these "solutions" assume that everyone is wired up with IP
> connectivity. The original questions was "who uses UUCP?"


> One answer is: "those without IP connectivity."

Do you mean 'full-time IP connectivity', because if you can setup a UUCP
connection, you can just as easily setup a PPP connection over the same
medium, giving you IP connectivity.

> Part of the problem
> here I suspect is that the people who develop and maintain FreeBSD
> live a life where a T-3 into your livingroom is just something you
> take for granted.

Not so.

> UUCP has many valid uses. Even today. If you don't understand the
> software, that's fine with me. Just don't use your ignorance as
> an excuse to dike the software out. Or more precisely, admit
> you want to rip the code out because you don't understand what
> it is, rather than making up specious excuses for it's removal.

Cheap shot.  Some of us who favor diking out UUCP were heavily involved
with the Internet back when it was essntially Usenet over UUCP.  :)

I favor diking it out because there are in almost all cases (but not
necessarily *ALL* cases) a better solution that exists.

Because of this, I don't believe that UUCP is a mainstream solution, and
therefore doesn't belong in the mainstream release.  It *is* still
available as an add-on port, so those who need it can still get it, but
it doesn't clutter up the regular distributions.  Finally, the security
issues make it a non-starter to keep in the default distribution.


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