"Georg-W. Koltermann" wrote:
> You know, I have been using and NSD, at work on IRIX.  I had trouble
> with it, it sometimes wouldn't sync with the nameserver, or would
> cease to serve any names until I HUPed it.

I dont have such problems.  Patch or upgrade to 6.5.13.

IRIX 6.5's nsd is the name service daemon.  It does the lookups be they
via DNS, NIS or whatever.

> And, seriously, I don't really understand what it's good for.  Bind
> has been responsible for resolving host names as long as I know.  WHY
> would anyone want to use NIS for hostname resolution?

I never said I use NIS for hostname resolution (and I dont) but I still
need NIS to work for user and group lookups.

You misunderstand the purpose of IRIX nsd and Solaris nscd, they are
not solely for NIS.  They are for caching results of all types of
naming service lookups be it hosts, passwd, services and by all type
of methods e.g. DNS, NIS, NIS+ whatever.

If you look at your IRIX 6.5.X NIS client, you'll see that it doesn't
run a process called ypbind.  The functionality of ypbind has been
incorporated into nsd.  From the nis(7p) manual page:

     The daemon nsd(1M) uses this library to replace the ypbind daemon from
     previous IRIX releases.  Similarly, nsd uses the nisserv(7P) library to
     replace the ypserv daemon from previous releases.

> I always configure the resolver to use bind (aka named), and have NIS
> resolve passwd, group, alias maps etc. if I need that functionality.
> When I'm worried about network load, I run a local named in caching
> only mode.

None of that solves the user and group use of NIS problem.

>             Named makes a nice system-wide cache, it is maintained
> well, so why bother and write another daemon for that?

A system-wide cache for hostname resolution via DNS only.

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