"Brandon D. Valentine" wrote:
> On Fri, 28 Sep 2001, Thyer, Matthew wrote:
> >Combine that with the fact that FreeBSD has no automounter that is
> >compatible with the commercial UNIX systems and you'll see that
> >FreeBSD is missing out in some key markets (being a client in a
> >larger UNIX network).
> I have echoed these sentiments many times on this same mailing list.  I
> am faced with the same problem.  I admin a large, heterogenous
> NIS/NFS/autofs domain and integrating just one FreeBSD box into is so
> hacking it's embarassing.
> >[I dont want to hear the arguments of "Use AMD, it's better"
> >because there are many situations where the client cannot control
> >what NIS maps the server will provide].
> You post messages like this on FreeBSD mailing lists and from personal
> experience I can guarantee you'll get lots of "help" converting to AMD.

I'm not asking for help.  I have done this myself.  In a small part
of this organisation I have created a non-standard NIS+ map which
I call "amd_home".  This NIS+ map is populated daily by a hack of a
cron job that awks auto_home into amd_home.  This is not hard to do
but it is hackish.

My point is that it looks really bad to management to even have to
hack up such a work around.  Also this workaround is not very good
in that new auto_home map entries wont appear in amd_home until the
next day.

In answer to those who say "convert the whole organisation to AMD",
I say "you're missing the point".  The reality is that many large
organisations have a team of admins who already know commercial
UNIX and will say "Use Linux instead for your x86 requirements".

> AFAIK nobody has written an autofsd for BSD, but the amd maintainers
> (now known as am-utils and in src/contrib) have stuff on their website
> about adding autofs support to amd, but it doesn't appear to be very far
> along.

Thanks for the information.

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