On Thu, 27 Sep 2001, Jordan Hubbard wrote:

> Progress in these types of situations nearly always comes from people
> with enough self-interest in the problem area to actually commit to
> working on it.  Rather than asking for people who have written an

And sometimes someone can be made to be interested by being paid.

> autofsd to step forward, why not instead start working on this project
> yourselves and ask for volunteers to HELP you address the problem?
> That's taking on the problem from the right end, IMHO.

I know a lot of people believe that "open source" means volunteer
only. But, in fact, a lot of freely-provided code was paid for.

I am not saying that this particular NIS improvement should be paid for,
but I am saying that paying developers is another option.

Even if a "funded" project is not completed; it can probably often help
get the momentum needed to get volunteers to begin contributing.

I wonder what it would be like if a few companies -- that are forced to
use proprietary software due to certain needs -- would redirect their
funds to getting the needed software developed (and donated) as open

   Jeremy C. Reed

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