On Tuesday, 11 December 2001 at  1:08:23 -0800, Terry Lambert wrote:
> Greg Lehey wrote:
>>> FS porting to FreeBSD is actually pretty trivial(*), though some
>>> transactioning changes to the FreeBSD VFS layer consumers (the
>>> system calls and NFS server code) would be necessary to make
>>> the journal roll-back function correctly, following a failure.
>>> (*) Trivial: meaning grunt work is required; not necessarily an
>>>     indicator of the amount of work, only the intellectual effort
>>>     required for the job
>> Considering that the current UFS implementation didn't need to be
>> ported, and people are still working on the details, I think that this
>> is a highly misleading statement.
> The current UFS has a number of issues which make it non-trivial;
> it was, in effect, a port; here is the short list:
> <snip>
> Live code always has issues, particularly if you are trying to
> pound a round peg into a square hole (hence Kirk taking up the
> task of a redesign).

Of course.  But you're missing the point: ufs is *not* a port, it has
been with BSD since the beginning.  There is a similar list of items
for JFS which would need to be addressed, with the additional issue of
the fact that it was not designed for FreeBSD.

> I think that everyone saying "Ut oh!  SCARY!" gives people the wrong
> idea, and scares off potential contributors in these areas.

I'm not saying that.  I'm saying that it's non-trivial, which I
suppose is what you mean when you say "where are the patches?".  As I
said, I'm quite happy to help people port JFS2 to FreeBSD.

On Tuesday, 11 December 2001 at  2:26:45 -0800, Hiten Pandya wrote:
>> [... Hiten want's to GPL'ify FreeBSD ...]
> hi,
> first of all, i would like to clear of some point which have been
> taken wrongly.
> o  My Intentions were never to GPL'ify FreeBSD :-)

Agreed, I don't think anybody thought that.

> o  The reason i started this discussion was because
>    i think JFS/JFS2 would be a nice addition to
>    FreeBSD like the rest of the other filesystems.
> o  The JFS does _not_ have to be root, and even if
>    people were to download it because it is GPL'ed,
>    the size of the filesystem is only around 1.0MB

If we port JFS2, it will be relatively trivial to have it as the root
file system too.

> o  It is hard to Port AIX or OS/2 based code, but we
>    have to agree that, BSD Users were meant to take
>    that kind of challenges, have taken before

It's probably easier to port AIX based code than OS/2 or Linux based

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