"Cameron, Frank" wrote:
> From what was posted on the linux-kernel list the problem is the OS
> doing the wrong thing not the hardware.  I originally asked the
> question (albeit not worded as clearly as I should have) because if
> Microsoft and Linux programmers made the same mistake, might
> FreeBSD have also.

No.  FreeBSD does not make active use of 4M pages for anything
other than the initial kernel text and data, which is obvious,
if you look at /sys/i386/machdep.c.

For Linux and Windows, the obvious thing is to not map the
memory into an aperture marked cacheable and in a 4M page;
it's a coding problem with the use of 4M pages, when memory
in them is allocated to AGP.

This still doesn't get around the other bug, which happens
if you use 4M pages certain obviously useful ways, without
waving a dead chicken over certain things.  8-).

-- Terry

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