On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Peter Wemm wrote:

> - AMD write cache allocation due to speculative writes being cancelled and
> then written back later vs no cache snooping on AGP regions.  I'm somewhat
> perplexed about this issue, there's lots of conflicting info going around,
> a good deal of it which does not make much sense [to me :-)].  I really
> dont see what PSE has to do with this for several reasons..  if the page/
> region is cacheable, why does a 4MB vs 4K page make any difference?
> cacheable vs no-cache-snooping is a recipe for disaster.. why would 4K
> pages on a non-coherent region be safer?  Or is the problem that write
> allocation happens on uncacheable/non-write-back regions in 4MB pages?  Or
> something else?

Speculative writes can only happen to pages in the TLB (so you don't get
speculative TLB misses and replacements), not having a large amount of 4M
pages around in the TLB means that addresses covered by these can't
possibly be involved in speculative writes.

I personaly suspect the reason the cache line flushes of speculatively
"written to" cache lines derive from the AMD-s use of MOESI coherency and
mapping that to actual bits. Another "minor" side effect is that you get
direct cache-to-cahce transfers in SMP systems for shared data.


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