Peter Wemm wrote:
> I'm a little confused as to which bugs are which that we're talking
> about now.  Which is the one that you're trying to sell the info for?

I'm not really trying to sell the fix; it's that I'm not
willing to give it away when it's no benefit to do so; I'd
need a bribe.  Kind of like Kirk and Soft Updates.  8-).

I was aware of all but the "recent" AMD problem, but it's pretty
obvious in retrospect (Alfred had the idea of putting a fast
network interface in an AGP slot some time back, and I looked at
AGP a little back then).

I can tell you how to cause the problem I'm talking about, off
list, if you're willing to laugh along and keep quiet (I have
dibs on the bribe 8-)).

-- Terry

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