Glendon Gross wrote:
> That's right, guys!  This is FreeBSD after all... so Mr. Lambert is
> entitled to charge 10K for that bugfix code if he wants.  In fact he is
> "Free" to do so.  But it's a little pricy for me, although perhaps not for
> AMD if it means they can fix their cache-paging problems!

It cost me two weeks to figure out, and both Intel and AMD
wanted to charge me $$$ to file a problem report.

I once fixed a Borland library problem which was pretty
serious: it would effect all programs that did string
manipulation, and linked the standard library, instead
of using the compiler generated inlines.  They wanted to
charge me to file a bug report, too, so I demanded that
they agree to send me a T-shirt before I would tell them
the fix.  As far as I know, they still have the bug.

Microsoft also charged me to report a bug in the removable
media driver in Windows 95/98 (you can't safely page to it
because it fails to propagate some writes it's supposed to
propagate, so you can'tt safely install Windows on a JAZ or
Syquest cartridge, because paging fails).  I made them admit
the problem, and they credited the incident report after
they admitted it was their issue, but it still started my 90
day support clock, so that it wasn't there when I needed it,

Since it's not a FreeBSD problem, you'll forgive me if I
find it funny that Linux and Windows disables the PSE to work
around some problems.  It's not that hard to understand or
work around, if you know where to look, and knowing where to
look is what will cost them.

The *other* AMD problem, with AGP and 4K and 4M pages that
point to the same memory could arguably be a chipset or a
software problem (depending on whether or not the chipset
vendor has documented the behaviour before people were let
loose to write the software -- errata: the difference
between a software problem and a software workaround to a
hardware problem).  It's already documented how to work
around that one; I'm sure a fix is pending for Linux, and
Windows will probably leave PSE off until they can figure
out a way to update everyone.

-- Terry

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