On Wed, 2002-02-06 at 23:46, Mike Barcroft wrote:
> Yes, absolutely.  Every minute David spends replying to these idiotic
> suggestions wastes valuable project time.  How many FreeBSD users need
> to compile Java to machine code?  2, 3, 4 people?  How hard is it to
> use `pkg_add -r' and rearrange your PATH to make a stock GCC work?

You know, people might be less persistent about these "idiotic"
suggestions if they got treated with some civility and respect.

It's a lot more meaningful and useful to receive an explanation, even a
brief one, about why your suggestion isn't good than it is to receive
personal abuse. If you simply abuse someone, they're just going to think
you're a jerk, not that their ideas are bad.

More flies with honey, and all that.

I've noticed a lot of nastiness in this thread, and it's really pretty
disappointing. Yes, you're all busy people. Yes, this is a volunteer
project. Yes, people are never satisfied with what others do for them
for free. That sucks, sure. But it doesn't make it okay to treat people
like crap for daring to disagree with you.


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