Joe Kelsey wrote:
> David O'Brien writes:

>  > 3.  Are you going to maintain them?  If we did do this work and allowed
>  >     people to optinally install gjc and Ada, I bet only 5% would do so
>  >     (other than the initial turning it on just to see what the compilers
>  >     looked like).
> What is so hard about allowing someone to specify the list of frontends
> to provide at system build time?  I thought that gcc was supposed to be
> a modular compiler system, and that all we are asking for is the ability
> to add to the default front ends, along with the default support
> libraries, in the default places.

1:  Are you going to provide the Makefile glue to do this?  If not, then
    shut the hell up.

2:  We need to get a *basic* compiler up and running first.  Give David
    a break, ok?  There are far bigger problems to deal with first before
    futzing around on obscure languages that we have no critical need for
    in the base system.  We ***NEED*** the ability to compile basic C code
    for the sparc64, ia64 and x86-64 platforms.  Until that is dealt with,
    the rest is a luxury.

3:  Once we have the basics running, *then* maybe we can talk about compile

"All of this is for nothing if we don't go to the stars" - JMS/B5

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