On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 05:47:07PM -0800, Joe Kelsey wrote:
> So what?  When I install gcc on a non-native platform (such as HP-UX or
> Solaris),
>  > Again, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM you are trying to solve?  Just laziness of not
>  > being willing to type ``pkg_add -r gcc30'' or ``pkg_add -r gcc31''?
> Because it installs in non-default places.  It creates duplicates of
> gcc, all libraries and is a potential source of error and confusion over
> what is the *real* supported compiler.

Uh, sorry, pkg_add -r gcc30 will install the software in _exactaly_ the
same place as you would get GCC on one of your "non-native" platforms.

You will also get a duplicate C compiler (besides acc [HPUX], or cc
[Solaris]).  So why does all this bother you on FreeBSD and not those


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