I have just installed -CURRENT on my Dell Inspiron 3700 laptop, and I
immediately found two problems with ACPI:

1. The sio1 port (IrDA) is not detected. I had to add


   to /boot/device.hints in order to get it probed at boot. I think that
   this is a fault of the ACPI BIOS.

2. S3/STR does not work: if I run "acpiconf -s 3", the machine initiates a
   strange suspend process (stops HD, turns off LCD, then turns it on
   again, waits, and then seems to enter suspended state). However, when I
   try to resume the machine, it hangs with the power led on, HD on and
   LCD off; I have to press the power button for more than 5 seconds in
   order to turn off the laptop).

There also are problems with the ACPI time counter, already reported to

I send attached a .tar.gz containing the output of acpidump(8),
pciconf(8), and dmesg(8). Just FYI ;-)

Also, I have a question: the acpiconf command can enable or disable ACPI
power management but... is it enabled or disabled after boot? I cannot
find any way to obtain this information.

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