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>             Michael Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> : No.  This would mean that sio(4) will attach to any IrDa port and 
> : preclude an IrDa-specific driver from doing so.
> : 
> : If any variation of this patch is committed, at the very least sio(4) 
> : should return a lower preference than 0 for it's match.
> But would an IrDA specific driver do anything differently than sio
> would?  SIR is effectively an 16550 UART from what I've seen so far.
> Maybe I'm missing something?

Well, except that it has no flow control, is only half-duplex, and you
might want to attach an IrDa stack to the device.

If all the IrDa stack work is being done in userland, then this probably 
makes sense.  If not, then at the very least, sio(4) needs to behave 
differently in the case of a SIR port.

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