On Tue, 26 Feb 2002, Crist J. Clark wrote:

> Looking at the repository, I have not really seen anything done with
> building a NetBSD-style rc.d system that will provide FreeBSD
> functionality for a long time.

        Several of us have started on this, and either run out of time, or
interest (as you've seen described already). There are at least three
problems I can see with this project, in no particular order. A) Everyone
in the project thinks they know both the problems and the solutions. B)
Everyone who is willing to do actual work on the project (myself included)
has strong ideas about how it should go, often incompatible with other's
strong ideas. C) The real problem of making this work is actually much
bigger than the "just do a straight port" drum that most of the people who
aren't actually willing to put the work into it beat rather loudly
whenever the topic comes up.

        Currently I don't have nearly as much time to work on this project
as I thought I would by now. I moved to the bay area in september and was
hoping feverishly that the many hours of overtime required to get in the
groove of my new job would slow down, and to some extent they have, but
I'm barely getting back up to speed on current -current, which I
personally think of as a pre-req for doing the rc work.

        What I have always said we need before people spend a lot of time
on coding is discussion about what the project should look like. If people
are interested in this, I set up a discussion list on Yahoo! groups, and a
few people actually subscribed. If there is still interest in discussion
about what the project should look like, I think I'm ready to go on that
if people still think my experience with the existing rc system is worth

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