On Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 08:39:33AM -0800, Mike Makonnen wrote:
> I chose to go a slightly different route than Gordon, in that I have not
> tried to make the scripts compatible with NetBSD (His scripts include
> conditionals for NetBSD, mine don't). These are my reasons.

The point you are missing is that we can work with the NetBSD guys to
maybe change the NetBSD framework such that it works better for *both*
systems.  It is totally stupid to not share as much of the existing body
of work with NetBSD.  If you have ever had to administrate or use more
than one Unix OS, you know how gratuitously different things are in
them.  Typically for no good reason.

As a first pass, what should be worked toward is to add conditionals,
etc. so that it becomes obvious where it would be benefital to change or
abstract things.

> - Converging startup scripts before the rest of the system is converted
>   will be a nightmare because there are too many differences. 
>   Examples why:
>       - The -w switch is deprecated in FreeBSD, and NetBSD still
>         requires the -w switch in order to set a sysctl. This means
>         that we need a conditional in the script every time we set
>         a sysctl.

Or just use the -w switch for now.  It still works fine.  Everyone wants
to remove it for astetic reason.  We can tolerate the looks of -w, trust

>       - We use different switches to startup the same daemon

Then maybe those should be put into a the defaults file.  Again, part of
what we should be doing is seeing what needs to be abstracted more and
feed patches back to NetBSD.

>       - Who volunteers to test/coordinate/merge changes with the
>         NetBSD people?

Me.  A number of Core team members were also on board to do this.

>       - Each project is going to have scripts that the other project
>         won't use. This means someone has to invest the time and 
>         effort to maintain scripts the project won't be using

I know we will not have 100% identical implementations.  But people seem
to want to use the NetBSD bits as reference but change things to how the
"should have been done".


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