> Let's take another example. The REQUIREMENT line in a script cannot be
> made conditional. It requires a modification of rcorder(8) to do so.
> So, if one of NetBSD's services has a requirement that we don't have, it
> automatically means we need two separate scripts with different
> REQUIREMENT lines regardless of whether the rest of the script is
> identical. BTW, from a quick glance at the rcorder(8) source, modifying
> it to eliminate this problem is not going to be a trivial task.

>       - I think on some things, the two projects may "agree to
>         disagree" on, which means the majority of the code base
>         will probably be 'identical', but there will be differences
>         in things like, boot order, requirements, etc.

What we should probably do is, have mostly identical infrastructure; after
that, if the scripts differ mostly in requirements, boot orders etc, this
is going to be very clear from any diff. If we have the NetBSD scripts
committed and the we only change these variables, it's going to be very clear
what we changed and why.

Please also note that, after your work is done, I plan on trying to modify it
based on Mac OS X startup scripts. I feel OS X is going to be a much bigger
player than *BSD, so it would make sense for both us and NetBSD to converge
on that "standard". I think this change could easily be integrated into the
NetBSD startup scripts.


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