On Thu, 2002-02-28 at 09:02, Terry Lambert wrote:
> Thanks for the hard work, Mike!

Thanks, nice to know someone appreciates it. Every one has their own
ideas about how it _should_ be done, so I expected I'd get flamed for
not pleasing everyone. OTOH it's been less than 24 hours since I posted
it, maybe I should wait a couple more days :-)

> You could handle most of this using something like:
>       rc.bsd:
>               # Normalize difference between BSD's
>               #
>               # This is the FreeBSD version
>               #
>               SYSCTL_W="sysctl"
>               FOOARGS="-t -U"
>               # Normalize difference between BSD's
>               #
>               # This is the NetBSD version
>               #
>               SYSCTL_W="sysctl -w"
>               FOOARGS"-u"

I understand what you're saying, but my problem is with the larger issue
of making the startup scripts more complex (even though the reason for
introducing a new rc system is to make them simpler) when the right
thing to do, IMO, is to make the rest of the system more compatible so
that the startup scripts can be simpler.
> Yes, but the person who does the work is always the ultimate
> arbiter of how it gets done.
> One of my professors was fond of reformulating Occam's Razoer
> as "Anything that works is better than anything that doesn't".

Ha ha! I like that one. I'll have to remember it the next time I'm
thinking of all those unfinished projects I have sitting in the back of
my mind.

mike makonnen

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