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>:Because the critical_* changes you are doing don't match up to the overall
>:design.  See my mail to -arch for more on that though.  At some point in the
>:future I think that this work can fit in rather well to the cpu_critical_foo
>:stuff (which can be split out from critical_enter/exit now).  However, at this
>:stage I would rather avoid complex optimizations of APIs that may change in the
>:future.  There is more to be gained from locking subsystems.
>:John Baldwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  <><
>:"Power Users Use the Power to Serve!"  -
>    I strongly disagree.  I have yet to see any technical description of
>    this so-called overall design that shows any incompatibility, and what
>    I decide to do with my time is my business.


That particular protest is rather hollow, considering that you were
one of the first people to not show up for the SMPng work whereas
John has been consistently chugging along on the job all the way.

At this point in time, until he is officially unseated John is our
designated SMPng architect and his word is pretty final.

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