:>     It makes no sense whatsoever to me to be told not to commit something
:>     due to stale code that may not be quite compatible sitting in P4 that
:>     you can't make work in any reasonable time frame.  You should stop
:>     trying to screw over my work and instead look to your own.   You have
:>     so many balls in the air constructed in a fine mesh that you can't seem
:>     to accept a single change to your perfectly meshing subsystems, half
:>     of which are going stale in P4.  This is greatly restricting your
:>     ability to consider deviation.
:*sigh*  The only reason I'm not spending my cycles tracking down the preemption
:bugs so that preemption can go in is that I have decided that at the moment
:there is more gain to be found by doing actual locking work.  This means that
:preemption will eventually go in, just Not Right Now.  To that extent, I don't
:think premature optimizations based on observations of a kernel locked entirely
:by Giant that alter the API's preemption will change (and that were originally
:introduced when I committed all the bits of the preemption code that I could
:w/o breaking the kernel) should go in.

    Those are your cycles, not mine.  Why should I be forced to sit on my heals
    for an unknown period of time (but so far 3 weeks waiting for the ucred 
    changes and 2 weeks waiting for critical_*()), twiddling my thumbs wasting
    MY cycles just because of your own scheduling issues?

    That's really the crux of this whole situation.  I don't think it is 
    appropriate for you to impose your development methodology on me or
    anyone else, and I most especially do not think it is appropriate for
    you to arbitrarily hold off the hard work that I have done in order
    to fit it into your schedule.  

    I have said very clearly what I intend these critical_*() patches to
    do.  I have said, repeatedly, that I do not believe they would 
    intefere with your work in any significant manner.  You have yet to
    explain in any detail why you think they would.  I have said,
    repeatedly, that I am perfectly willing to work with you later on
    when you ARE ready to move forward on your own work.

    That's the crux of the situation, John.   I do not believe you have
    the right to hold this work off, at least not based on any of the
    explanations you have given so far.

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