Here are two files that make stateful configuration of world
building somewhat easier.

I expect that the way this will be used is to allow Paul, et. al.
the option of setting a default, and having the system ask users
if they want to live with Paul's default, or if they want to
select their own default instead.

This is a proof of concept; it works on my machine, but obviously
it could be hacked until the end of time, and not everyone would
be satisfied.

Basically, you dump these two files int /usr/src, and then add

        # System configuration
        .include <>

Before "TGTS=" at the top of /usr/src/Makefile.

It will force you to select options (offerring defaults) for
two example knobs.  It then writes the results to a file called
/etc/, which is then sucked back in by the,
after it adds a .BEGIN target that causes the file to be rebuilt
if it's missing any options.

Basically, this means that you can incrementally add knobs, and
anyone who builds, instead of getting surprised by the new knobs,
ends up getting asked to select the new knob.

If you are afraid of running from a cron script, you can:

        yes x | make world

        make world < /dev/null

And it will select the defaults, or:

        yes n | make world

And it will turn all new knobs off automatically.

You can edit the file by hand if you need/want to; knobs the script
doesn't know about will go away, as will anything other than the
default comments, but the ability is there for knobs it knows about.

The script as written has two default knobs, "PRISTINE" and "BOB";
these are terrible names, but the are only intended as examples (I
expect that the actuall names will be things like "KNOB_DELETE_INCLUDES"
and "KNOB_DELETE_PERL", etc.).

Basically, it ends up being three data lines in a shell script,
per new knob.

Note that I haven't tried a "make release" with this yet; I expect
you will want to copy in the /etc/ from the local system
to do the build, or add the /dev/null redirect to the sub-shell in
the jail for the build.

-- Terry
# Support mandatory option recording
# Original: 06 Jul 2002, Terry Lambert

        @sh ${.CURDIR}/ ${WORLD_CONFIG}

.if exists(${WORLD_CONFIG})
.include "${WORLD_CONFIG}"

Description: Bourne shell script

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