At 12:42 PM +0100 7/6/02, Paul Richards wrote:
>On Sat, 2002-07-06 at 03:46, Garance A Drosihn wrote:
>>  At 3:05 AM +0100 7/6/02, Paul Richards wrote:
>>  >Let's start with a premise: No-one running current is using
>>  >it for anything other than developing FreeBSD.
>>  This is assumption is too limiting.
>It shouldn't be. You're trying to defend a position that
>the project doesn't support.

It is too limiting.  I might be on current because I have my
*own* work I am doing on current.  You talk as if the only
development on -current is things that "other developers have
officially committed" to -current.  The fact that I have not
committed some work to -current does not give anyone the
right to go hog-wild with an 'rm' hanging off a blind 'find'

It still boils down that you do not know why the files are
there.  I don't see why you're so determined to cause even
more hassle for people trying to "do the right thing" and
develop their changes on -current.

>The -current branch is for FreeBSD developers, or volunteers
>brave enough to test the -current branch.
>As such, don't be surprised if it wipes your hard disk clean.

Don't be surprised if you have even fewer -current testers.
Don't be surprised if we get to Novemeber of this year, and
-current is just as unstable and untested as it was last
year.  Don't be surprised if we never manage to release
-current, because it will never be sufficiently tested.

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