On Sat, 2002-07-06 at 01:07, Garance A Drosihn wrote:
> At 3:33 PM -0700 7/5/02, Terry Lambert wrote:
> >
> >So, to summarize:
> >
> Let me summarize my own position.
> There are a number of files which installworld does install.  After
> an installworld is done, there may be a number of files on a person's
> hard disk which were not put there by the most recent installworld.
> For each of those files, the issue is one of intent.
>    1) Is it there because the administrator explicitly wanted it
>       to be there, for explicit reasons that may be perfectly valid
>       even while testing the latest snapshot of current?
>    2) or is it left-over cruft from some previous install, and
>       which is only getting in the way of proper testing?
> If you keep it that simple, instead of writing 200-line summaries
> of what is going on (and the possible motivations of everyone), then
> the solution is also simple.  The above is just a slight variation
> from what happens with /etc config files during a new installworld.
> We should not have anything which automatically blows away those
> files.  We should have an "unmergemaster" script, which will find
> those files, and **ASKS THE DEVELOPER** what they want to do for
> each of those files (or maybe for each set of files).  No automatic
> process is going to be 100% right 100% of the time.

I think a -current system is something that should be assumed to be a
semi-known environment though.

Let's start with a premise: No-one running current is using it for
anything other than developing FreeBSD.

Given that premise, then there shouldn't be anything in /usr outside of
/usr/local, that wasn't put there by make world. Likewise the same
should be true of /sbin and /bin.

Therefore running, 

find $listofdirs -newermt $date -delete

should be perfectly OK since it's only going to clear out old files that
are no longer part of FreeBSD (where $listofdirs is directories that
should not be touched other than by make world, and $date is the date of
the last install).

The only tweak that is necessary is in the case of /usr/lib, where files
should be moved to a compat dir and not deleted.

I do this periodically on my dev box and it does show up issues. I think
it's something we should build into our infrastructure as a step towards
a better known environment for testing -current.

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