Hi, I was scratching around the geocrawler archives yesterday, looking for
information on using SCSI emulation in FBSD. I found some, but was dumb
enough (yet again) not to bookmark it.

I've synced my source with -CURRENT, and looked through all the options I
could find, even a home-made LINT, still nothing.

I read about a patch in the old message I found.

Am I simply not seeing the options I want, or do I need to patch my kernel
for this to work?

The reason I want this is that I have an HP 9110 CD-RW drive. It refuses
to work properly with the ATA drivers, and I refuse to reboot to Windows
every time I just want to burn a CD.

Anybody have any idea what I need and where I can find it?


Willie Viljoen
Highveld Computing Solutions

214 Paul Kruger Avenue

South Africa

+27 51 522 15 60, a/h +27 51 522 44 36
+27 82 404 03 27


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