Thomas, what I find very interesting is that it still works regardless of
the commands that ATAPI don't understand, I know this is abit off topic,
but would any hardware expert mind explaining? :)


On Sun, 14 Jul 2002, Thomas Quinot wrote:

> Le 2002-07-14, Willie Viljoen écrivait :
> > Just to follow up, I went back to -STABLE after discovering I don't need
> > -current to do this (*slight sigh of reliefe*)
> Yep, I do most ATAPI/CAM develoment on -STABLE machines.
> > Thomas, ever consider asking for it to be committed into FreeBSD proper,
> > atleast maybe into -current?
> This is being considered, but I am not the one who can make the decision
> on this issue. If you'd like to see the code integrated into -CURRENT,
> you should let Søren know ([EMAIL PROTECTED]).
> > The code is really good IMHO. Those ILLEGAL_REQUEST warnings come from
> > that ATA driver, and they shouldn't scare anybody, but for the really
> > paranoid, I'm sure they could be eliminated by some extra options for the
> > ata(4) driver to allow us to silence error output (Soren?)
> Well, the ATA driver just reports whatever error condition comes from
> the drive. The real solution may involve modifying the SCSI device
> drivers (cd/sa/da) so that they do not send commands that may not
> work with specific targets, or filtering requests to translate them
> into the restricted command set that ATAPI units support (this is
> done in an ad hoc fasion in atapi-cam currently, but there is also
> work in progress for a general command filtering framework in -CURRENT).
> Thomas.

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