> > Anybody have any idea what I need and where I can find it?
> http://www.cuivre.fr.eu.org/~thomas/atapicam/

Just as a datapoint, I recently applied the ATAPI/CAM patches to a -STABLE 
from July 10th).

They applied flawlessly, compile was clean.

My newly-acquired TEAC DW-28E CDR/CDRW/DVD drive now works perfectly with the 
SCSI cdrecord from ports.

And thanks to 'atacontrol', I can even hot-swap IDE devices in and out of the 
laptop modular bay.

This OS rocks!! Thanks to all for their efforts.

I would be even happier if the ATAPI-CAM patches could finally be integrated, 
so I didn't have to apply them manually after each cvsup.



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