Le 2002-07-14, Willie Viljoen écrivait :

> Just to follow up, I went back to -STABLE after discovering I don't need
> -current to do this (*slight sigh of reliefe*)

Yep, I do most ATAPI/CAM develoment on -STABLE machines.

> Thomas, ever consider asking for it to be committed into FreeBSD proper,
> atleast maybe into -current?

This is being considered, but I am not the one who can make the decision
on this issue. If you'd like to see the code integrated into -CURRENT,
you should let Søren know ([EMAIL PROTECTED]).

> The code is really good IMHO. Those ILLEGAL_REQUEST warnings come from
> that ATA driver, and they shouldn't scare anybody, but for the really
> paranoid, I'm sure they could be eliminated by some extra options for the
> ata(4) driver to allow us to silence error output (Soren?)

Well, the ATA driver just reports whatever error condition comes from
the drive. The real solution may involve modifying the SCSI device
drivers (cd/sa/da) so that they do not send commands that may not
work with specific targets, or filtering requests to translate them
into the restricted command set that ATAPI units support (this is
done in an ad hoc fasion in atapi-cam currently, but there is also
work in progress for a general command filtering framework in -CURRENT).



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