Just to follow up, I went back to -STABLE after discovering I don't need
-current to do this (*slight sigh of reliefe*)

Thanks Jan and Thomas, it works perfectly with both my BTC 36x ATAPI
CD-ROM and the HP CD-Writer+ 9110.

Thomas, ever consider asking for it to be committed into FreeBSD proper,
atleast maybe into -current?

The code is really good IMHO. Those ILLEGAL_REQUEST warnings come from
that ATA driver, and they shouldn't scare anybody, but for the really
paranoid, I'm sure they could be eliminated by some extra options for the
ata(4) driver to allow us to silence error output (Soren?)

Anyway, thanks for the quick replies.

Also, I see Thomas's address in the list of CCs, I unsubscribed from
freebsd-current after getting it fixed, so I missed what ever message he
was involved in (if there was one) and I'd love to read it, so I'd
appreciate it if somebody could forward it to me :)



On Sun, 14 Jul 2002, Andy Sparrow wrote:

> >
> > > Anybody have any idea what I need and where I can find it?
> >
> > http://www.cuivre.fr.eu.org/~thomas/atapicam/
> Just as a datapoint, I recently applied the ATAPI/CAM patches to a -STABLE
> from July 10th).
> They applied flawlessly, compile was clean.
> My newly-acquired TEAC DW-28E CDR/CDRW/DVD drive now works perfectly with the
> SCSI cdrecord from ports.
> And thanks to 'atacontrol', I can even hot-swap IDE devices in and out of the
> laptop modular bay.
> This OS rocks!! Thanks to all for their efforts.
> I would be even happier if the ATAPI-CAM patches could finally be integrated,
> so I didn't have to apply them manually after each cvsup.
> Regards,
> AS

Willie Viljoen
Highveld Computing Solutions

214 Paul Kruger Avenue

South Africa

+27 51 522 15 60, a/h +27 51 522 44 36
+27 82 404 03 27


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