Hi Terry,

> > Why??  I disagree.  CD9600 can go to the 3rd floppy -- if I am installing
> > from floppy's I am 99.9% chance doing a network install.
> I have an idea...
> If you only support installing via whatever option wins a vote
> as The One True Way, then there'll be a 100% chance that that's
> the way that people will install because that will be the only
> way that works.
> ...
> Is there a particularly good reason people should rip code out,
> and thereby limit FreeBSD's potential market?

Calm down and relax. Which part of my patch removed support for
anything that might be needed during the install?

... Well thinking about it again, you just might have something there.
It is not as if M$ give you many options of how you want to install
and still people are buying Windows at a high enough rate that Bill
is pretty rich..... :-)


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