On Fri, Aug 09, 2002 at 07:20:53AM +0200 I heard the voice of
John Hay, and lo! it spake thus:
> I'm wondering if that was because something in our stack was bust or
> because of some firewall or other network thing?

I'm not sure.
This was 4.6.1-RC2, across a local 100mbps LAN.  The FTP server is a few
month old -CURRENT; FTP would disconnect itself after fetching the first
few files, and then on retry, cpio would start complaining about checksum
mismatches (though I could manually ftp the files around, or check them
on the server, and the checksums matched).  Also after the first
disconnect, using another server (such as one of the 'official' mirrors)
would get the same thing.  Switched to NFS, and everything ran clean

Interestingly, I tried an experiment of just using one of the official
mirrors straight up, and it went just fine (through most of the 'bin'
dist, after which I stopped it).  I'm presuming it's just something
strange on my -CURRENT box, which wouldn't be much surprise.  It IS
-CURRENT, after all.

> So should I commit the code and let us tune what go on which floppy
> later or should I just sit back and enjoy the ride?

It wouldn't bother me overly much to have to go to a 3rd floppy.  At
least, not significantly more than it already does to have to use 2
floppies   ;>

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