Tim Robbins wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 13, 2002 at 05:04:20PM -0700, Terry Lambert wrote:
> > Both different reports have been from Tim Robbins.  It may
> > be that he has a local problem, and that his local problem
> > is greatly confusing this discussion.
> Unfortunately, this is not a local problem -- I can reproduce it locally
> (i386, world/kernel from yesterday), on panther.freebsd.org (sparc64, kernel
> built July 19), and beast.freebsd.org (alpha, also built July 19). I cannot
> reproduce it on ref5 (i386, built July 1).

If you update to the very most recent current, do the problems
occur?  It's currently August 13th, which means that you are a
month behind on the machines with the problem, and a month and
a half behind on the other.

If both problems still occur with the most recent current, do
they go away if you back out *just* the PAM changes?

You haven't really done the necessary fault isolation needed to
determine if there is a problem which was introduced by the KSE
commit to the signal handling (and your July 19th date is too
early for anyone to reasonably repeat your testing).

It may be that something was broken and then fixed, and you do
not have the fix simply because you are running old code.

It's always possible to find the fix, even if you have to do a
binary search of the source tree.  For 32 days, we are talking
log2(32)+1 or 6 builds, maximum, to find the commit that is the
root cause of the behaviour you are seeing.

-- Terry

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