--- Terry Lambert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > My machine may be different with Tim's, it is a P4 1.5G CPU,
> > its speed maybe fast enough to skip the problem. BTW, bde has
> > also reported the problem, so this is serious, wouldn't kernel
> > send out SIGTTOU when null change a foreground group is enough
> > to fix the problem?. but why don't they block SIGTTOU when
> > calling tcsetpgrp()?
> Bruce reported the first problem, with su, which arose from
> DES changing the code to support PAM, and to have an extra
> fork, where it didn't before.
> Bruce reported that he *didn't* have the second problem reported
> by Tim Robbins, which appears to be local to his site (a search
> of the archives indicates that he is the only one reporting it).
> The patch that Tim posted, which is GPL'ed because of its origin,
> and therefore unusable exacept as a model, "fixes" the problem
> by blocking the signal delivery before the fork.
> Note that merely blocking the delivery means that the signal will
> be delivered later, since block sugnals are accumulated, not
> discarded (see what the patch does, for details).
> -- Terry

Sorry, I mean ignore SIGTTOU.

David Xu

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