> I agree that gcc32 is not an ideal target either, but by going to it,
> we can upgrade to gcc33 when it's available and not loose binary
> compatibility (at least, according to the gcc folks).  I'd rather
> move to gcc32 right now and get the binary compatibility pain out of
> the way, rather than wait for the last second to move to gcc33,
> then have to delay FreeBSD 5.0 because everything in c++ land is
> broken.

The idea is to move to gcc 3.3-pre _now_ If GCC 3.2 has C++ ABI
kinks worked out, GCC 3.3 surely has the same code in. GCC developers
are trying to keep C++ ABI compatible between 3.2 and 3.3, but they are
not giving any guaranrtees.

Alexander Kabaev

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