Alexander Kabaev wrote:
> > Can *you* absolutely *guarantee* no binary incompatabilities
> > between 3.3, as it sits now, in experimental form, and the final
> > release of 3.3?  If not, then I don't see why are exploding at
> > me.
> 3.1-pre to 3.2 upgrade breaks compatibility already. Can you guarantee
> that 3.3 will be backwards compatible with 3.2? This is yet another
> potential ABI breakage at the time when we'll be _forced_ to upgrade.
> How often do you expect GCC developers to break ABI with release
> scheduled to happed and the end of the year?

Once for every time the code is imported into FreeBSD, plus one.

I think Murphy is a GCC committer... 8-).

-- Terry

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