>    FYI, I have now a "can't fetch resources for \\_SB_.PCI0.FNC0.PRT_ -
>    AE_BAD_DATA" with acpica-unix-20020815 during boot.

I'd like to make sure if AE_BAD_DATA error occurred w/ previous
versions (acpica-unix-20020725, 20020611, 20020404...) ?
Or first time w/ acpica-unix-20020815 ?

Anyway, I didn't receive serious problem reports of degrade so far,
will do importing tomorrow.

>    I have not yet correct battery info either.
>    Laptop : Toshiba Tecra 8200, dmeg attached. I can provide more info
>    if needed :)

Please send me acpidump output (DSDT and ASL file):
 # acpidump -o Tecra8200.dsdt > Tecra8200.asl

I'll put them to our CVS repo. in Japan as test data.


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