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> On Sat, 28 Dec 2002 05:54:50 -0800 Adam Weinberger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I use courier-imapd with SquirrelMail, and it rocks. It doesn't knock
> > my socks off when it's using really large directories, though. I save
> > every porn spam I get (dunno why... I get about 50/day), and it takes
> > my server about a good 5 minutes to parse the directory each time I
> > open the folder in mutt. Or squirrelmail.
> That seems to be pretty common. Although it has gotten slightly better,
> sylpheed used to take a long time scanning folders with say, 500 or more
> messages in them. 0.8.7+ seem to have gotten a bit better. Surprisingly,
> Mozilla's mail client scans those folders in seconds, too bad I don't
> like the rest of its features.

    Ugh. What kind of iron is that, and what version of FreeBSD? What
    impact on performance has the IMAP server? IOW, how long does it
    take to open such a maildir if you access it directly?
    It takes my computer a few seconds to open my biggest mailboxes
    (~16,000 messages each, 68 and 54 megs, resp.), and I've been
    thinking about going to Maildir because it lasts too long...  Of
    course, I don't access my ~/Mail through an IMAP server...

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