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>     Ugh. What kind of iron is that, and what version of FreeBSD? What
>     impact on performance has the IMAP server? IOW, how long does it
>     take to open such a maildir if you access it directly?

The mail is stored in a K6-2/300MHz running Cyrus IMAPD 2.0.17 on NetBSD
1.6. The client is a dual Pentium III running FreeBSD 5.0-RC. Since
Cyrus has its own way of storing mail, there's no such thing a direct
>     It takes my computer a few seconds to open my biggest mailboxes
>     (~16,000 messages each, 68 and 54 megs, resp.), and I've been

Is that through IMAP or direct? I guess that's direct mbox access.

>     thinking about going to Maildir because it lasts too long...  Of
>     course, I don't access my ~/Mail through an IMAP server...

I once thought about using Maildir too, but when it came time to switch
to IMAP, I tried Cyrus first (my other choice was Courier), and since it
works so well, never looked back.

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