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>To be blunt about it, you and everyone else had their chance.
>My wife, a
>designer, knew FreeBSD had a logo contest and she wouldn't know FreeBSD
>from a martian if it were not for my T-shirt.
>Anyone could have contributed. But like beta testing, most simply
>ignored the request to participate, preferring to wait until someone
>else did the hard work and made the tough decisions, then chose
>to bitch
>when the result was not want they wanted. It's apathy. Yea, I'm more
>than annoyed and this has been a long time coming.


  This isn't true, there were a lot of submissions for the logo

>How many people actually keep a development server running just to help
>open source developers test patches or updates, even when those patches
>and updates do not affect them?

I do, and I used it to produce a patch to the bge driver a few
weeks ago to stop panics on the HP DL320 G4.  The patch was
submitted to the PR database per instructions.

And guess what - that patch hasn't been applied.  Not only that,
but the developer assigned to the driver hasn't even posted
a reason why he DOESEN'T want to apply it.

If you want to get pissed off about apathy, please get pissed
off about stuff like that.


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