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>The logo issue is a horse that has been solidly beaten to death, 
>raised as a zombie, chased with torches and pitchforks, burnt to 
>crispiness, buried and then (surprise!) brought to life again this 
>week for another 1,001 rounds of beating and flaming. Tiresome, really.
>No one is belittling the subject, only pointing out that it's both 
>OT and done with. The appearance of the logo on the Web site is not 
>a beginning, it's a finality. If you want to hack and burn the 
>undead, go play Oblivion. ;)


  Doesen't it occur to you that the fact that this horse keeps getting
resurrected indicates the new logo was a bad idea and needs to go

  When Beastie was the logo, we didn't see arguments over the logo
erupt every 6 months or so in the questions mailing list.

  The mark of a fool is that he cannot learn from his mistakes.

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