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>> Someone already posted a professional analysis.  The summary was that
>> the new logo was amateurish with some serious flaws.
>Amateurish because
>> a ball is about the easiest thing you can produce in
>Photoshop and very
>> unoriginal.  Serious flaws because due to all the shading this logo is
>> impossible to accurately reproduce on small items like business cards,
>> and on larger items the shading makes it very expensive to
>reproduce due
>> to the number of colors used.
>In fact, there are reduced colour versions for exactly that
>reason.  Since
>you didn't bother to look for them, I guess this isn't the real
>issue for
>you, though.

I was merely relating what the summary was.  But, I think you fail to
understand the point - the summary said that
the shading is impossible to reproduce accurately on small items, a
reduced color image simply is an official statement of "yeah, we know
flawed in that it cannot be accurately reduced, so here's a substitute"

It is like you got a car that is leaking oil at a rate of a quart a week
someone's "fix" for it is to give you a coupon for 4 free cases of oil.

I guess that's technically a "fix", hope your rod bearings stand up to
it, though.


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