At 18:16 14.05.2006, Donald J. O'Neill wrote:
On Sunday 14 May 2006 07:31, Kyrre Nygard wrote:

> >I believe it should be:
> >
> >chflags -R noschg /usr/obj/usr
> >rm -rf /usr/obj/usr
> >cd /usr/src
> >
> >
> >Yes, the 'make cleandir' statement is run twice.
> >
> >--
> >Gerard Seibert
> Once or twice, it is still irrelevant.
> Thank you so much though.
> -- Kyrre

Ah, Kristian, I see you're back. And you still can't get
past 'buildworld'. And you're still giving kind of flip answers,
although with a thank you at the end. What processor are you using?

You know, your best bet might be to blow off the 5.4 and do a new
install with a 6.1-RELEASE disk. At least then you could get upgraded.

Ok, I saw an error in your beginning procedure:
cvsup -g -L 2 /etc/cvsupfile
cd /usr/obj
chflags -R noschg

It's right here. You need to use this:
        chflags -R noschg *

rm -rf *
cd /usr/src
make clean

Also, Instead of 'make clean' , run 'make cleandir', twice, as was

Try that and be sure to keep it out of a script.


Hello Don, good old friend :)

Yes I am back. I had to change my alias because too many people
were after me. And also I'm still stuck on the same problem. I did make
a clean 6.1-RELEASE blow at my Pentium 120mhz firewall which needed
the buildworld the most. Now it's my Pentium III 3,2ghz workstation that
needs it, however it's got too much data on it that I'm currently in no
position to back up, not even temporarily, so I'm not sure what to do other
than this buildworld. Any suggestions?

Oh yeah, I accidentally left the `*' out in chflags -R noschg.

Take care,
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