> Ugh, hopefully it won't come to that :-(  You might have been onto
> something with your comment about lock files -- XFree86 creates various
> hidden files in /tmp, for instance I have:
>       .ICE-unix/
>       .X0-lock
>       .X110unix/
> You might try deleting all of those (if you have them) and restarting xdm
> again.  I'm not entirely sure it'll help, but it's worth a try.

I tried doing that, but it didn't work either.

I just uninstalled XFree86 and recompiled and installed it from the ports
(thank god for fast computers), but it still isn't working.

i don't see what is wrong, a friend of mine just said the only solution is
to reinstall the entire machine, but i don't really consider that to be an


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