I'm new to the list and new to FreeBSD. Here is my situation:

I have downloaded the 4.7-mini iso from one of the ftp sites. I have
extracted the file and burnt it onto a cd-rw as a data cd (ISO) using nero.
I am trying to install FreeBSD from this disc, but am having difficulty. A
little more background on my current system config... I am running win2k pro
(NTFS), which is dedicated to one of my hard drives. I have freed up another
hard drive (3 GB) to install nix. I changed my BIOS settings to boot from
CD, restarted and... the system boots into windows. I feel I'm just
overlooking a simple detail, but I'm not familiar enough with FreeBSD yet to
understand what I need to do to install. I have read the eratta.txt,
readme.txt and the install.txt, but can't seem to find what file is the
actual install file, or how I can go about installing from the CD onto my
available drive? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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