I am trying to setup a master DNS server on a test network (not connected to the internet). The network has an address of 10.0.1.xxx as that happend to require the least setup. However, I am unable to get the reverse DNS file to load properly. The error messages are:

Jan 5 14:59:27 freebie named[469]: home.net.rev:6: SOA for "10.in-addr.arpa" not at zone top "1.0.10.in-arpa.arpa"
Jan 5 14:59:27 freebie named[469]: Zone "1.0.10.in-arpa.arpa" (file home.net.rev): no NS RRs found at zone top

I have tried using 1.0.10.in-arpa.arpa and 10.in-arpa.arpa (example above). Obviously neither is correct. The forward DNS file loads correctly and resolves properly. Line 6 of the rev file is:

10.in-addr.arpa. IN SOA home.net. ops.lafn.ORG. (

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