While WinRAR sees the iso as a WinRAR file it isn't, it should be burned as
downloaded, not extracted. Download it and burn it as an image directly,
you've just run into some brain damage on the part of WinRAR.


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> Hello,
> Thanks to everyone for the suggestions so far. I'm still having trouble,
> I'm determined to figure this thing out! I can't wait to be running
> Here is what I have tried so far:
> As per Daniel's suggestion, I verified that other bootable CD's work on my
> system, which they do. I was able to boot using an old Slackware 7.0 CD I
> have. Daniel also suggested that maybe the issue has something to do with
> ISO burning process. I think that is exactly where the problem is, so I'm
> trying to get it right.
> As Dzokayi suggested, I made sure I burned the file as an image and didn't
> just burn the file as is to the CD-RW. The original file I downloaded from
> the FTP site came compressed as a WinRAR archive. After downloading it, I
> extracted it to my HDD. In windows, it shows all kinds of folders (i.e.
> boot, catpages, etc). The files themselves are not readable in windows,
> obviously, because they are made with a different file system.
> Then I followed the suggestion given by Laszlo, which was to burn the
> archive without extracting it. Fortunately, I saved the original file so
> this was easy enough to do. But...it didn't work either. After burning the
> 4.7 mini.iso (compressed WinRAR) file, putting the CD in the tray and
> rebooting...nada, hangs on 'booting from ATAPI CD'
> Lastly, I realized that I have been burning data CD's and that Nero had an
> option for burning bootable CD's. Duh! So I went back to Nero and started
> over. The problem I'm running into now is that when I create a new
> compilation in Nero to set up a bootable CD, Nero gives two choices to
> from the source of boot image data; a) a bootable logical drive (must be
> under 650 MB, which I don't have) and b) an Image File. When I click on
> browse button to select an image file, Nero only wants to look for files
> with the extension of .ima. I'm thinking that the file I downloaded from
> FTP site is indeed an image file, no? What I'm going to try next is to
> rename the archive file I downloaded to end in .ima and burn it. There is
> also a field to choose a type of emulation. The choices are Floppy,
> or No Emulation. I have been choosing No Emulation, as per the Nero
> this is for bootable installation CD's (i.e. what I'm trying to make). Any
> further suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks again,
> Bill (one day running BSD)
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