> At 18:47 05/01/2003 -0500, Adam Maas wrote:
> >While WinRAR sees the iso as a WinRAR file it isn't, it should be burned
> >downloaded, not extracted. Download it and burn it as an image directly,
> >you've just run into some brain damage on the part of WinRAR.
> >
> >Adam
>  From memory (machine with nero on it is at home)  All that is needed to
> to burn the ISO file is:
> Start Nero,
> Close the wizard that comes up without selecting anything.  You are not
> compiling a CD; you have it already,
> Click File > Burn Image
> Locate the .iso file you downloaded
> Pick "Disk at once" instead of track at once
> Burn!
> You can adjust the burn speed, simulation first, settings etc, if you wish
> or are not confident about how well your burner works.

failing all of that go to google and do a search for a tool called isobuster
which is free and extract the files from the .iso image to a separate
directory and then you can burn the files to disk with which ever program
you please.



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