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As usual, as soon as I post, I discover the correct search string to get me to
the answer:


This poster even bought the same monitor I did. Does anyone know: Will newer
nvidia cards generally work at this resolution? It seems safest just to get
the one he did.

> I have a new monitor with the following specs:
> Horiz 31-87 kHz
> Vert 56-75 Hz

I don't know of any reason a less-that-eight-year-old Radeon card
couldn't support that resolution. I think you only need <64MB video
memory to support that resolution at 32bit color. Some monitors need
extra settings in the config line though.

I have recently tested 1680x1050,32bit color with Nvidia 6600, 6800,
7900 cards. (On MS Win, linux though. )

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